Nutritional breakdown per 100g
Saturated fat20g
  of which sugars0g
Vitamin A480µg
Vitamin C0mg
Vitamin D0µg
Vitamin E1mg
Vitamin B60.1mg
Vitamin B121.3µg

White Stilton

White stilton is a traditional British cheese with a mild and slightly sour flavour. Made in a very similar way to blue stilton, it nevertheless has significantly different taste.

Stilon is a protected origin product so only cheese made within the areas of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire are eligible to be called stilton. Ironically stilton is named after a village where it was originally sold but which is outside of the protected region so that stilton made in Stilton is not allowed to be called stilton.

Culinary uses and alternatives

Stilton is less salty than other blue cheeses such as rocquefort but as stilton is generally served as a cheese in it's own right rather than as an ingredient in other dishes plenty of other cheeses may be used as alternatives and it is a matter of taste which would be used. Suitable alternatives would be blue dorset, rocquefort, blue wensleydale, blue cheshire (although that is much milder) or shropshire blue. Typical culinary uses are in cold dishes such as stilton pears rathar than involving cooking. Although generally not used as an ingredient because of it's very intense falvour if stilton is being used as an ingredient then because it is less salty than other cheeses if another cheese is substituted then it would be reducing any salt added to the ingredients.

White Stilton

There is a stilton version known as white stilton. This is made with much the same methods and ingredients but without the exposure to penicillum that gives blue cheeses their characteristic veining and colour. The result is a cheese which has a markedly different flavour, being much milder and slightly sour. So white stilton is not a suitable alternative for blue stilton. White stilton is often flavoured with fruits to create sweet dessert cheeses but pure white stiltion can often be swapped with feta as a suitable alternative.