Nutritional breakdown per 100g

A commonly available meat product often used as the basis of meat dishes

Minced beef is often reagarded as a cheap source of meat but in practice it should not be one of the cheaper cuts. There are two reasons for this. The first is that as minced beef requires additional processing that processing will add to the cost. The second is that as the meat consists of smaller pieces of meat it is not so suitable for the slow cooking that often benefits cheaper cuts of meat.

That said it can be used in cheaper dishes as the meat can be bulked out with other ingredients. So, for example, beefburgers do not consist solely of beef but a mixture of beef, eggs, fat, and cereal or a chili con carne is bulked out with beans, tomatoes, onions etc. A problem with minced beef is that it is a cut that can be easily adulterated in production by the inclusion of fat, water, and non meat by products (connective tissue, nerve tissue, one, cartilage etc.) all of which are useful for producers attempting to compete solely on price.