Why you should be a vegetarian

Why you should be a vegetarian

This is a partner article to Why you shouldn't be a vegetarian

This article will give positive reasons for being vegetarian without resorting to arguments which are founded objections to particular farming practice or personal standards. "Intensive chicken farms are wrong" is an argument against intensive farming not an argument against chicken farming so there will be no arguments of that form here. "Animals have rights" is a personal viewpoint and might be a reason for the person who holds that opinion to be vegetarian but it is not a compelling argument for anyone else to agree with them as it presumes agreement with the supposition that animals have rights.

So what is wrong with those arguments?

Most of the arguments for vegetarianism are very good arguments but either presuppose another condition such as "animals have rights", are personal arguments such as "my religion prohibits it" or are arguments against the methods of production such as "factory farming is cruel". Now in themselves these are perfectly reasonable arguments for any one person be a vegetarian or to alter their diet but they are not arguments for vegetarianism itself. For example if you think that animals have some innate right to not be eaten then quite clearly you should be a vegetarian but you can not use that as an argument to persuade anyone else to give up meat unless you first persuade them that such animal rights exist. If your grounds for vegetarianism are religious then I have no objection to your being vegetarian but don't expect me to agree with you on that basis because that would presume that your religious world view must be mandatory for everyone; an argument that eating meat incurs karmic consequence is meaningless unless you want to make buddhism compulsory. Finally if your argument is that meat production is in some way cruel or unnatural or harmful to the environment then again that is a good argument but it is a good argument for eating better more ethically sourced meat it is not an argument for vegetarianism in itself.

So that said this article will fcus on those arguments that do not depend on one of those underlying flaws.

So what are the real arguments for being vegetarian?

(The fact that this is blank isn't intended as some kind of jibe at the expense of vegetarians merely that I haven't got around to completeing this yet. As soon as I have a list of good arguments then I'll fill this in.)