Eggs and cholesterol - Myths and facts

Eggs contain cholesterol so they must be bad. Right? Well not quite and we're going to crack a few of those myths and work out what is and isn't true about cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a bad thing but this is one case where you are definitely not what you eat. The cholesterol in food does not have much if any effect on the human body. Cholesterol in the human body is a bad thing but it is produced by the body itself from other sources. What are those sources? Well one is our favourite culprit - saturated fat. So a diet of omelettes isn't going to raise your cholesterol a diet of cheesy omelettes and greasy chips will.

The main sources of cholesterol are things like dairy products (full fat cheese, whole milk) and fats (butter, lard). Fatty meats can also be a source of body cholesterol as can all those treats suchs as biscuits and cakes, again doen tho the fat use in making them. If you are really worried about cholesterol then forget about counting your egg consumption you will have far more impact but cutting back on the fat.

In fact if you are aiming for a healthy diet then arguably you should be increasing the amount of eggs you eat; they're an excellent source of proteins and all the essential amino acids that the human body can't make itself (so that makes them an excellent choic for a vegetarian diet) and at the same time they are low fat themselves, typically about 7% fat and only about 2% saturated fat.